For organisations and teams who want to empower their people to ramp up productivity, achieve more with less and create the space to lead more fulfilling lives, we’ve designed the following bulk book buy packages.

These packages give organisations access to the book at a fraction of the retail price.

Package 1

50 books + 30 min webinar for you and your team

USD$750 / AUD$1,150* (25% off retail price)

Package 2

100 books + 60 min webinar for you and your team

USD$1,350 / AUD$1,950* (30% off retail price)

Package 3

500 books + 60 minute keynote talk + Q&A at your organisation

USD$6,500 / AUD$9,500* (37% off retail price)

Package 4

1000 books + 60 minute keynote talk + Q&A at your organisation

USD9,900 / AUD$14,500*
(55% off retail price)

Need more books or want a customised cover with a foreword from an executive at your organisation? Contact us.
* excludes travel and shipping costs (if keynote talk not included)

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Keynote Talk

Steve is an energetic and entertaining keynote speaker, and has graced conference stages across the United States, Asia and Australia. He has made notable appearances at the likes of the Startup Grind conference, Innov8rs Summit, IO Summit, CPA Congress, IBM Symposium, PauseFest and PayPal Campus in Silicon Valley.

Steve has prepared several talks that are geared towards doing more with less, how to build a minimum viable bureaucracy, productivity at work, automation and outsourcing, and the value of a time rich workforce.