10X Your ProductivitY

Learn how to get our of your own way with author of Time Rich (Wiley), and Harvard Business Review contributor on all things productivity, Steve Glaveski.

Adam Grant
New York Times best-selling author of Originals and Give and Take, and host of the chart-topping TED podcast WorkLife
"Steve Glaveski understands something that few leaders have figured out: it's possible to do less and get more done. This book offers a blueprint for working smarter."
Nir Eyal
Bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable
“In his book, Steve Glaveski offers countless ways to get more out of each day by being Time Rich.”

My Story

I was once the beat your chest and hustle for 12 hours a day guy. Not only did it mean little time for family, friends and personal interests, but it left me burnt out with little to show for all of that hustling.

“Busy” is a lousy proxy for productive. It usually means ‘out of control’.

So I decided to re-evaluate how I worked - something we never learn at school - and spent countless hours researching and applying different productivity techniques to both my own day as well as my team’s.

And in the five years since I cracked the code on a high output workflow, I:

Built a seven figure innovation consultancy

Wrote five books

Recorded over 500 podcast episodes

Became a 6 x contributor to Harvard Business Review

Spun off two side-hustles

Wrote over 500 articles

And created this course.

But I did it all whilst working, on average, six hours a day. 
Oftentimes, it's much less.

However, this isn’t a course that espouses the supposed virtues of a six hour workday.

What it is, is a course that teaches you - and your teammates - how to get more high value work done in less time, get closer to your goals, and live a balanced and healthy life. 

The typical student will save AT LEAST 500 hours a year, applying what is learned in this course. 
If you value your time at $100 an hour or more, this course will repay itself over 5 times a single week!


The Case for the 6-hour workday
When there was no upper limit to the hours that organizations could demand of factory workers, American labor unions fought hard to instill a 40-hour work week. But so much has changed since then.
10 Quick Tips for Avoiding Distractions at Work
In a world of push notifications, email, instant messaging, and shrinking office space, we’re becoming increasingly distracted at work.
Stop letting push notifications ruin your productivity
Today’s workplace is characterized by the sight and sound of desktop and smartphone notifications, keeping executives in a state of hyper-responsiveness.
Productivity Skills to Help You Gain Time Back
We’re all busy — so busy. We have bills to pay, a mortgage to service, kids to take care of, and of course, work deadlines to meet.

What you will learn

How to get twice as much done in half the time.

How to automate and outsource rudimentary processes.

How to remote work effectively.

Productivity hacks.

How to free up more time for personal relationships and interests.

What and how to automate tasks.

How to avoid the two biggest productivity killers.

How to avoid the two biggest productivity killers.

How to effectively prioritise their work.

How to get into the flow state.

How to stop sabotaging your productivity.

How to build high performance companies and teams.

How to sleep better, eat better, and move better.

What and how to outsource and delegate.

Who this course is for


Corporate Executives




Anybody who considers themselves a knowledge worker


Michelle LoDuca
"We were thrilled to have Steve Glaveski's How To Get Twice As Much Done In Half The Time as one of our SXSW 2021 professional development sessions. The way he reframes workplace productivity backed by science was particularly impactful because many of us have been dealing with the distractions of working from home over the last year. Steve's session was one of the highlights of SXSW 2021 and we hope to have him join us again."
Jessica Pagano
Charter hall
“Steve delivers insights in a naturally engaging style, ensuring you are thinking differently and challenging your biases throughout the workshop. The productivity session I undertook with our Retail team, unlocked new ways to approach work effort and measure value delivered roles. The full day course received 100% satisfaction with all participants stating that it was time well spent.”
Frans Meyer
"Steve presented to the executives in the Alphawave Group portfolio on how to ‘Elevate your personal productivity and effectiveness’. The talk definitely got everyone thinking about how they can change their behaviours to focus on the work that matters. I’m convinced the session will have a positive impact on our business."
James Nguyen
"This course was insanely practical. There's a tonne of productivity and entrepreneurship courses out at the moment, it's a bit hard to identify the signal from the noise, but this one definitely cut through because of how granular and comprehensive it was. If you're looking for a complete A-Z walkthrough of building/running a LIFESTYLE in the modern age this is an absolute must. Thanks for the amazing contribution of knowledge and experience Steve!"
Dan Nikolin
"I got a lot out of this course. As someone who is inclined to seek distraction during my working day, Time Rich helped me focus my attention on value creating tasks, prolong my flow state and optimise parts of the day when I'm most porductive. This has enabled me to reclaim on average 2-3 hours of my day which I spend outdoors, at the beach and with my kids. Thanks Steve, carpe diem!"
Lucas Aoun
"Stevie G knows how to create TIME in his life. He walks the walk. I have implemented a lot of these strategies and noticed a huge increase in my own focus and productivity (which was already very high)."

Course Content

Part 1: The History of Work and the Flow State

The Winter War

The History and Evolution of Work

The Psychology of The Flow State

Part 2B: How Organizations and Teams Sabotage Their People and Priorities

How Organizations Sabotage Their Productivity

Part 3A: How Individuals Can 10X Their Productivity

Purpose, Incentives, Passion, and Strengths Alignment

Flow Triggers: How to Get in and Spend More Time in Flow

Tools: How to Effectively Use Email, Instant Messaging, and Meetings

Time Blocking

Zoom and Video Calls

Prioritization and the Pareto Principle

Cut - Eliminate Waste



Parkinson's Law

Testing Assumptions to Avoid Wasting Time

Batching Tasks

Part 3B: How Teams and Organizations Can 10X Productivity

The Business Model for the New Economy

Delegation 101

High Velocity Decision Making and Asynchronous Communication


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